Tango at Florida State University

Anhelo is a spanish word which means yearning, longing, or desire. It's the word we use to embody how we feel about the Argentine Tango Society of Florida State University. We are a campus-wide organization founded with the interest of teaching and sharing the art, the passion, and the embrace that is Argentine Tango.

Our faculty adviser Gordon Erlebacher has taught and danced Tango across the globe. We are an eclectic composition of faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students from a variety of disciplines. We welcome any and everyone!


He who does not tire, tires adversity.

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Questions? Want us to perform?

Telephone: (281)TAN-GO30

Donna Kmec, President

Email president@fsutango.org

Madhulika Vajjhala, Vice President

Email vice.president@fsutango.org

Michael Keys, Treasurer

Email treasurer@fsutango.org

Gordon Erlebacher, Adviser

Email adviser@fsutango.org